St Anton.

I once had this place described to me as ‘heaven on earth’, and I don’t think that’s at all inaccurate. My experience of ski resorts isn’t vast, but I don’t think I could comprehend a ski holiday that tops this – so much so, I’ve been back about 4 times ( it’s a really simple and easy trip from Vienna, which is where I lived for a bit). Ski trips will always be expensive, but I don’t think it’s too bad here, relatively speaking. The Austrians are friendly, everyone speaks English and it’s generally all fun times. Great skiing and great partying too.


The lifts here are amazing, run smoothly and get people up the mountain in the morning pretty fast. They’re friendly enough to novice ski/boarders that you don’t have many stacks getting on or off them. There’s so much piste to explore, I don’t think you’d ever be short of runs – and I’m told the off-piste is good too. I’d recommend working your way over to Stuben one day, I’ve always found that there is a lot more powder to play in over that side of the mountain. Spring skiing there is great, breathtaking views. You’ll soon learn the home runs through happy valley to the best après ski – just follow the crowds from about 3pm onwards.

IMG_1809 IMG_1831


Apres Ski.

St Anton isn’t short of options – both up and down the mountain. The two main bars up the mountain on the home run are Krazy Kangaruh (start here for a few warmup drinks), and the famous Mooserwirt. Silly music, silly dancing and an even sillier DJ/singer to be found here. Definitely check this out, it’ll probably be like something you’ve never seen before.

There’s something a little crazy about having a few too many beers and mulled wines up the mountain, and then having to find your ski’s/board and make it down another 400m of piste in the dark before reaching the town. It’s a recipe for disaster, yes, but a lot of fun. Worst case, you can always walk down – and there is also a bus that gets reasonably close if you want to drop your gear at the bottom first and bus back up. There’s a ski room where you can check your gear for a couple of euros – I’d recommend this, I’ve heard of people returning and their stuff having gone missing.

Back in town, you can hit up base camp or the underground, if you don’t fancy drinking up the mountain. The underground is a great little chilled out bar with amazing live tunes.

P1000959 IMG_1411


The food up the mountain is all much of a muchness in the cafeteria style places. Mountain restaurants, I’d try Griabli (Opposite Mooserwirt – also can get a little crazy for après ski on days when they have a band and an air guitar….) and also Taps (Above Krazy Kangaruh).

There are lots of choices in town, but I can never go past Scotty’s Pizza. An English-run establishment, has the greatest pizza I think I’ve ever tasted. Get the Scotty’s special, you won’t regret it. Pomodoro is also good for pizza. There is a SPAR supermarket in town too, if you opt to cook instead – as well as an abundance of other eateries.


St Anton surely isn’t short of these, they line the whole of the Main Street and will go all night. Bobo’s has karaoke nights, and Scotty’s can be a lot of fun (especially on theme nights). Also try Postkellar-Piccadilly and the Bar Cuba.


I’d strongly suggest staying in St Anton and not St Jakobs or St Christophs – its so much nicer to be able to walk into town for meals and drinks, and to be walking distance to the main lifts. This site, run by a great English guy, has a variety of options and is worth checking out. Note most appartment-type accomodation is only available on a weekly basis – if you’re looking for something shorter I would try Haus Monika – Monika is lovely too! Once you’re in town, you won’t need any transport either. St Anton train station is also in the centre of town, making arriving by train very simple.

Top Tips.

If you need to hire gear, book it in advance online for a discount. If you’re planning a trip here, lock it in early – transport and accomodation books up and gets expensive. Also check out the Sidney Reilly site for a whole heap more information and recommendations about the place.


Top Tunes.

St Anton plays a lot of silly German Apres Ski music, and has a bit of a soft spot of Shakira. These would be my top 3:

1. Hey, Wir Wollen Die Eisbaeren Sehen – Sound Convoy

2. Hangover – Taio Cruz

3. Waka Waka (This time for Africa) – Shakira


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