In order to recover from Glastonbury Festival, and to get some sun (as we werent sure that Glasto would come through with that), my friend and I booked a 6 day trip to Corfu for some R&R departing the Monday after Glasto. Having already been to the Greek Islands, this island, the largest in the Ionian Islands was a place we hadnt explored yet.


We booked into the Pink Palace, after hearing a lot of stories about this place. It’s on the other side of the isalnd to the main town, and is relatively isolated. If you are after a boozy, backpacker experience with lots of young Americans, this is the place for you. It includes breakfasts and dinners and has its own club – the downside being that admittance is only to guests of the ‘Palace’. In hindsight, I dont think this was quite the experience we were looking for, but the food was good and the rooms were clean, and there was a bar, a beach and sun loungers – so we still got the R&R we required.

IMG_1975 IMG_1973

The Pink Palace also runs the infamous Booze Cruise. Although a lot of debauchery went on onboard, the ‘cruise’ did give us the opportunity to spend a day on a boat and see the coastline from the sea – the scenery is amazing, and it was a great day to spend on a boat.

P1010362 P1010419




I spent a day scuba diving through the Achilleon Dive Centre. Two dives were included in the day trip. Although a bit wary of diving in foreign centres without recommendations, this company I found to be extremely professional, with a priority on safety and compentent in communicating (in English) and I would be happy to dive there again. Of the two dives, the second dive at The Hole of Ha I found amazing – read a description of this site and others here. Suprisingly, even in July the water temperature here was quite cold, and wetsuits and hoods were needed. I did struggle to stay warm. This dive center is located in Paleokastritsa, a beautiful bay with bars and restaurants and quite a nice beach to spend a day on – and you can also (relatively easily) sneak into the pool area at the Akrotiri Beach Hotel. The infinity pool there is a nice place to spend some time. It’s definitely worth a visit to this part of the island, whether you plan to dive or not. Here’s some shots from Paleokastritsa:

IMG_1985 IMG_1980 P1010549 P1010533

We also hired a quad bike for one day and spent the day exploring the island. I’d highly recommend this. The majority of Corfu town itself wasnt anything too amazing, but it was cool to wanter around the fortress and through the streets of the old town. Great frozen yoghurt here too, and some amazing photo opportunities. A good way to spend the day exploring though, and some great views driving around the island. Some shots of the town:

P1010513 P1010524 P1010503 P1010484

Top Tips.

Definitely look into what part of the island you want to stay on. It is quite large, and if I was to do this again, I’m not sure I would stay at the Pink Palace (wasnt quite the experience I was looking for).


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